FAQ – Product information


  1. What’s the conversion of yards to metres?

A piece of 6 yards is (approximately) 5.49 metres, 4 yards is 3.66 metres and 2 yards is 1.83 metres long.

  1. What is the width of the Vlisco fabrics?

The Vlisco fabrics are approximately 48″ or 120 cm wide.

  1. Where can one buy Vlisco Fashion?

Vlisco Fashion is exclusively available in the Vlisco stores (not online).

  1. What is the size of the fabric shown on the picture in the webshop?

The photo shows a piece of fabric of 1 yard: which is approximately 91,4 cm (width) x 120 cm (height).

  1. What are the washing instructions for my Vlisco fabric?

Please find everything about washing your Vlisco fabric on our ‘wash & care‘ website. Or download all instructions here.

  1. Can I buy Vlisco patterns to make garments with Vlisco fabrics?

At this moment Vlisco does not sell patterns to make garments. If you want to be the first to know when this does happen, subscribe to the Vlisco (no obligations!) newsletter here.

  1. What is Wax Hollandais?

Wax Hollandais is a special wax product with one or two core colours ‘fitted’ into the wax design. The designs are very communicative and are always mirrored on the front and back of the fabric. The range and combination of colours used is extremely varied and emphasizes the unique appeal of Vlisco fabrics. One of the colours is often used to highlight a natural bubbling effect, which contributes to a unique and lively appearance. This is the true sign of a quality Wax Hollandais print. Every centimetre of fabric is unique and slightly different from each other due to the organic and magical production process. The appealing designs and unique colour combinations ensure that everyone can express their individual taste and personality.

  1. What is Super-wax?

Super-wax is of the finest quality in wax print fabrics. For this product we use an extra densely woven, fine cotton fabric. Super-wax has a recognizable design signature as it always features two blocking colours showing a natural and unique crackling effect. A third colour may be added but without this crackling effect. The designs are also visualized on both the front and the back of the fabric. The two selvedges always have the Vlisco VVH logo and the words «SUPER-WAX« repeated twice per yard.

  1. What is Java?

Java prints are different from the wax prints for the reason that no wax is used. This means that for the Java designs, very fine and detailed motifs are possible in multiple, original and varying colour ways. Colours are traditionally vivid and rich, which creates vibrant, colourful fabrics with beautiful special effects.