Dandelion Adire Print

Dandelion Adire Print

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • White, yellow and brown
  • wax resist technique
  • 5yards (4.5 metres) bundle
  • Fabric width 48inches (1.21 metres)
  • Hand dyed in Nigeria
  • Slightly starched


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This Print is Inspired by the Dandelion, it thrives in the most inhospitable habitats, defying human best efforts to get rid of it. The dandelion has a staying power.

Wear the dandelion print, show the world you can be different, and stretch your roots deep enough that the strongest poison can’t reach your soul.

Stretch your roots so deep like the dandelion, that something tugging on your stem couldn’t separate you completely from the source that feeds your life. And I hope we can see flowers in a world that sees weed.

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